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"Awesome trip. I am happy that I booked my package through Hayat Al-Izza Tourism services. The team was available throughout my journey. This was a memorable experience in my life. Thankyou Hayat for making my trip awesome.".

Taxi Driver Hayat Al Izza Dubai UAE
Mohammed Irfan

“This was an amazing trip! There were so many highlights... our outstanding, kind, patient, amazing leader Gustavo!! What an absolute saint. He was so organized and”.

testimonials-Stefanie Rashford | Hayat Al Izza
Stefanie Rashford

"I must say I was delighted with the services provided by Hayat team. It was just what I wanted. They well organized my entire trip. The drivers are very polite and good behaviors. I will definitely recommend you to others and also will definitely use myself for when I travel to Dubai again.".

Rajinder Kumar

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